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Digital in-house guides ensure public school constant applicant numbers

The Fashion / Media school mediencollege Berlin has been working successfully in training and further education in the fields of graphics and fashion for 20 years. In direct exchange with the lecturers, supported by learning group sizes of a maximum of 16 students*, the trainees acquire their specialist knowledge from scratch and, above all, in a practical manner in a wide variety of projects.

Since the typical open days or school tours have been suspended in line with the pandemic, the school now relies on Matterport to provide innovative and virtual tours of the school building. The tours can be self-guided by guests of the website or curated by school staff via video conferencing. A successful move, as the results show. The school's innovative strength thus ensures continued high applicant numbers even during the pandemic restrictions.

This project was developed in cooperation with Herdercampus GmbH.

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