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Immersed in Wonderland - find creative solutions in a pandemic world

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Alexa Meade, an american installation artist, painted an array of art installations inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland for her solo exhibition Immersed in Wonderland. Visitors to the interactive exhibition were invited to climb into the multidimensional artwork and embody the curious spirit of Alice on a journey through Wonderland. Immersed in Wonderland NYC was scheduled to run March 13 - June 28, 2020. Due to COVID-19 lockdown orders, the exhibition was unable to be opened to the public.

But - you can walk through with the most advanced Matterports 3D technology. This technology is also now available for free on your iPhone or iPad, empowering you to instantly capture and share any space to drive rentals, home sales, e-commerce, and just for fun. Find out how you can capture 3D scans with your iPhone/iPad here. But before - have a walk through the Wonderland!

Klick here for full experienced immersive Walk through (we suggest the VR Experience with Oculus Quest 2):


Sources: Alexa Meade, 2020

We offer you the standard for 3D space capture and collaboration with Matterport. With our Matterport Pro2 Camera and Matterport Software Solution makes it easy and fast to create immersive 3D digital twins ideal for your back-to-work planning, listing or appraising properties, documenting makeover projects, and many more. Just drop a note.

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